Affordable, High Quality Solutions

We provide affordable, high-quality solutions to ensure companies accomplish their online goals. Our dynamic design allows for cohesive user experience and increase in profitability and productivity.



It is our vision to grow our boutique into a full service, virtual solution for businesses.  We are continuing to learn in an effort to expand more into UX/Product Design and Metaverse services.



We efficiently create, design and improve to strengthen the quality of our client’s web presence. We are committed to satisfying our customers. We believe in listening to the customers, meeting needs, and understanding their expectations. We strive to exceed those expectations in price, quality, and on time delivery.

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Kate Singer was raised by an incredible man, an entrepreneur in the tech industry.  He owned and operated a computer refurbishing business. Kate would often accompany her dad at the office and was always put to work. Sweeping floors, moving pallets with a forklift, cold calls and faxes and her favorite...cleaning motherboards with the air compressor! "Watching the techs in their full white suits & bonnets, soldering motherboards together was mind blowing. "Once I walked through that door with my booties on, I felt like I was in a spaceship working on some undercover mission".-Kate recalls. Kate starting coding in elementary school and is still proud of the slot machine game she created for her uncle. By the age of 18, Kate became a lead online seller for Bill Wall Leather Malibu; She provided stunning Product Photography, HTML, and quality Customer Service. Kate later provided web design for various startups with limited tech skills, and budgets. Kate grew frustrated seeing many of her clients quoted insane prices.  Not every business has a budget of 10k-200k to spend on their branding or online presence.  Kate was raised in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains and creativity was always encouraged.  She has always had an eye and appreciation for design; Kate worked with the Talented Fashion Designer, Libby Arnett at Indah Clothing and as a Curator for a  Luxury Art Gallery.

This is where Kate found her place, offering customizable packages to fit the needs and budget of the client.  Xanadu Design was formed in 2016 and Kate continues to outsource talented graphic designers, developers and Product Designers as needed. Being a perpetual student, Kate is currently studying UX to strengthen her web design abilities and broaden her abilities.